A Pragmatic Visionary

I grew up in a rural Northern California town known as Chico, and Durham with my two brothers and my father and mother. I grew up from humble beginnings, and attended a small rural school, riding quads in sand dunes and farms, and swimming in the community pool and creeks. It was during these formative years that I was able to take part in one of the best programs that California and many other States, Georgia included, have which allows high school students to attend college classes. Not everyone was as lucky as I was to have a parent who could take me to these classes, but these opportunities put me on a track to graduate high school by the time I was fifteen, a feat I accomplished along with finishing the entire undergraduate calculus series.


I attended UC San Diego where I received my bachelor’s in NanoEngineering, while attending ROTC. Upon achieving my bachelor’s degree, I was commissioned into the US Army National Guard as a Cyber Operations Officer. I spent the next several years working as a defense contractor and serving in the National Guard. During this time, I was stationed at Fort Gordon, later Fort Eisenhower, for active duty. Following this I spent another several years working as a defense contractor working on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, before taking a position overseas as the Cyber Threat Hunt Lead for US Army European Command, where I traveled constantly between Germany and the Army Cyber headquarters at Ft. Eisenhower. I traveled all over the world in these years, traveling to parts of Africa, and almost all of Europe. I now work for a hospital ensuring that they are protected against cyber attacks.

I became a pragmatic visionary who believes in finding fair and sustainable solutions to complex societal challenges. My approach to problem-solving is grounded in reality, while also aiming to push the boundaries of conventional thinking.

My way of thinking is deeply rooted in compassion, common sense, and a commitment to fostering a better society. I recognize that certain issues, like welfare, taxation, and healthcare, are inherently nuanced, and my perspectives are shaped by a desire to strike a balance between meeting people’s needs and promoting personal responsibility.

I am open to exploring innovative ideas to address systemic problems and am particularly passionate about reevaluating our current taxation system, advocating for fair corporate taxes, and ensuring that all citizens have access to the necessities of life. In my quest for a better society, I am always eager to engage in open and honest discussions, recognizing that finding effective solutions often requires collaboration and compromise. Join me in exploring fresh perspectives and forging a brighter future together.


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